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younglora / Leden / younglora



1217 keer bezocht sinds 10 September 2015, 09:54
Naam Young Lora
Geboortedatum 1-4-1990
Leeftijd 28
Woonplaats ????, China

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'EA fifa 16 coins believes that women who contribute to the brand diversification business.'

Geplaatst 10 September 2015, 10:00

Compared to other areas of the traditional game industry , male practitioners surplus situation of women has been obvious, but the last ten years the situation has changed , from a group of players to play the role, the proportion of women occupied in steadily. FIFA 16 Coins for the first time joined the women's football team in the EA branded games, the status of the role of women is increasing , as EA is also working to improve the diversification of the company's employees. EA COO Peter Moore (Peter Moore) said that in the past few years, EA particular emphasis on this point : "Sometimes we need to step back and think , we create an environment for our people , creating opportunities for staff , fresh equally important blood into the company. can not all are white males. So I think, EA in the past few years when hiring managers, very focused on diversity , we have teams around the world ." Peter Moore from early 1999 into the game industry , he has witnessed the growth of female game developers. Especially in the EA FIFA Coins xbox, The Sims development team consists of 40% of female designers, the proportion of female employees of the mobile sector is also quite large . More importantly, many women engaged in EA -paid vocational , such as Mirrors Edge Catalyst executive producer Sara Jansson, Star Wars : Battlefront senior producer Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir, Sims 4 executive producer Rachel Franklin, Samantha Ryan mobile manager EA, and the dog came from naughty to quit, the original Uncharted series screenwriter, a new project leader Amy Hennig like. "We believe that women should be involved in the video game, and today, EA Games has many well-known brands are the responsibility of the women, they even tube with hundreds of male employees." Peter also spoke of FIFA 16 was first introduced women's football, he said that in reality there are a sufficient proportion of registered players for the FIFA Women , he looked forward to the FIFA 17 in the data will continue to rise. "This year, the United States won the Women's World Cup, I'm sure that people can call the number in the United States women's football player of their own names more than soccer."

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